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Friday, August 12, 2011

More Utah Teapot

Until recently I had access to a copy of Maya, but unfortunately it had expired.  I occasionally like to make 3D models of objects, and until now have been using old versions of CAD programs.  With my access to Maya gone I decided to try the open source 3D program Blender.  I had looked at it in the past, and found the interface difficult to use.  Additionally the program was very buggy and crashed a lot.

That has all changed with this newer version.  Version 2.58.1 is awesome and very easy to use.  3D programs in general are very deep and difficult to learn, but with the help of the on line tutorial videos I was able to get results very quickly.  It was very easy to build a table and room with lighting for my Utah Teapot.

In this view you can see the camera, lights and room I created in Blender

I can highly recommend Blender as a free and easy way for anyone to experiment in 3D modeling.